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dpHue Gloss+ sheer transparent 6.5 oz.

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                     dpHue Gloss+ sheer transparent 6.5 oz

Gloss+ is a semi-permanent hair color, in a deep conditioning base, that works by staining the outside of the hair with pigment. Boost color with hydrating ingredients that leave hair soft, shiny and illuminated, without the hassle of mixing and without harsh peroxide or ammonia. Gloss+ is intended to enhance and deepen your current hair color, not to create dramatic hair color changes. Use when color is lacking shine and vitality, when it has started to fade, or when highlights need to be toned. Formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Gluten. Animal-friendly and vegan. Available in 11 shades.

Use Gloss+ to add shine or darken your current color, not to lighten your hair, keeping in mind your base color and highlights will react differently.

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