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New Obagi FX - Hydroquinone Free

New Obagi FX Contains Arbutin, Free of Hydroquinone •-Obagi-C Fx C-Clarifying Serum - 4% Arbutin •-Obagi-C Fx C-Therapy Night Cream - 7 % Arbutin •-Obagi-C Fx System - Normal to Dry Skin - up to 7% Arbutin •-Obagi-C Fx System - Normal to Oily Skin - up to 7% Arbutin •-Obagi Nu-Derm Blend Fx - 7% Arbutin •-Obagi Nu-Derm Clear Fx - 7% Arbutin Obagi FX Products Do Not Contain Hydroquinone
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Inance Skin Care Sponsors Oscar Celebrity Gifting Suite for 2nd Consecutive Year

Inance Skin Care Sponsors Oscar Celebrity Gifting Suite for 2nd Consecutive Year

Posted by Michelle Blair on 3/4/2014

Inance Skin Care Sponsors Oscar Celebrity Gifting Suite for 2nd Consecutive Year

PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The 86th annual Academy Awards, known as The Oscars, will be held at Hollywood's Dolby Theatre, just steps from the historic Chinese Theatre. This year's Oscar Celebrity Gifting Suite event is going to be the talk of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Inance Skin Care will be there to display the most anticipated skincare line of the year and Retinol 1%. Due to the overwhelming demand, many celebrities have been waiting for this chance to sample all of Inance Skin cares latest break through products after hearing about how much everyone was raving about them last year.

(Photo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140226/PH72143-a )

(Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140226/PH72143LOGO-b )

A long list of "A List celebrities, publicists and press" will be attending prior to the award show. Inance Skin Care was personally chosen as the celebrities' number one new product line.  Inance Skincares founder Tonia Ryan said, "We are so proud and grateful to be asked to join the Oscars Celebrity Suite for the second year in a row. Our response last year was unbelievable and we plan to make this year even more outstanding."

A well-known agent to the stars said, "Inance Skin care is Unique and Brilliant. I told all my celebrity clients that Inance was going to be there and will be included in the celebrity gift bags and now they all want to attend. Inance is making my job easy. This business is all about beauty and beautiful healthy skin is a must." This year's Oscar Celebrity Gifting Suite will be held at an undisclosed location in Beverly Hills. Only the elite cutting-edge national and international trend-setting companies are invited to attend this event to display their latest and greatest products.  

Inance skincare would like to extend their offer to anyone that has not had a chance to try Inance. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all orders, free shipping and are now giving 50% off your first order by using coupon code Oscars at checkout. Visit www.InanceSkin.com today for this amazing offer. Our purchase at our elite online retailer www.EliteDepot.com.

About Inance Skin Care: Inance Skin care is a cutting edge, breakthrough skin care company. They offer physician dispensed products as well as over the counter choices. Inance focuses on hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliation, acne and your common skin care issues. Inance skin is known for their lower prices and larger sizes then their competitors. Inance was named an  A-List must have product by Ok Magazine and features national commercials with Gretchen Christine Rossi form The Real Housewives of Orange County.  Inance skin care is the #1 choice for celebrities' skin care regimens and now can be yours. For business and press inquiries call Michelle Blair at 855-946-2623 FREE  or send an email to [email protected].

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Jimmy Fallon Steals South Florida Luxury Auto Commercial Starring Lebron James

Jimmy Fallon Steals South Florida Luxury Auto Commercial Starring Lebron James

This is the week that Jimmy Fallon has taken over the Tonight Show and he must have loved a used car commercial so much that he spoofed it. In 2013, South Florida Luxury Auto located in Pompano Beach Florida and owned by Derek Cavan, created  a commercial featuring Norris Cole from the Miami Heat.Thursday night, Jimmy Fallon had another Miami Heat Superstar on his show, the King, Lebron James. Lebron and Jimmy were in an office setting playing wastepaper basketball.
The creator and writer of the original commercial, Tonia Ryan, could not believe what she was seeing when the Tonight Show Aired Thursday night. Tonia said, "You have got to be kidding me! When you see our commercial all of our salesmen at the dealership are bored and playing wastepaper basketball and the new guy walks in and its Norris Cole. On The Tonight Show segment their new guy was Lebron James. Then Lebron shows all the office workers up and explains how to play basketball, just like I had Norris do on our commercial. I wrote in my script to have the boss walk out and ask what everyone was doing very stern. Jimmy's show they did the same thing with the boss except they added a cuss word. Jimmy and Lebron shrugged their shoulders like they were in trouble by the boss just like I wrote for my commercial script. That's the same script I wrote without singing and cheerleaders. Perhaps LeBron liked the commercial we did with Norris so much that he brought the idea to Jimmy Fallon for them to recreate or one of Jimmy writers saw our commercial on YouTube and decided my idea was a great idea. I guess that's the biggest form of flattery.  But still it's not too cool to steal my entire idea and concept. Either way, they might want to hire me as a writer since they liked my work so much or at least say thank you for the idea."
For business inquires email [email protected]
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Inance Retinol Featured in InStyle Magazine

Inance Retinol Featured in InStyle Magazine

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Emily Maynard is Next Bachelorette: What Are Her Beauty Secrets? Obagi Skincare!

Emily Maynard has signed on as the star of The Bachelorette! The Southern beauty's season on the show is bound to garner more viewers than any other installment of the ABC franchise, given her immense popularity with fans. Emily Maynard is already known to fans as the stunningly beautiful ex-fiancée of Brad Womack from The Bachelor, and the Daily Mail confirms that she has now agreed to appear in The Bachelorette. One thing is certain: Maynard is going to make the most beautiful bachelorette yet. If you're wondering what some of her beauty secrets are, read on!
Now that she's back in the spotlight, many are wondering about Maynard's beauty secrets. Luckily, she has shared them with The Possessionista. What fans may find hard to believe is that even the seemingly flawless Emily Maynard has beauty concerns! One of them is her sensitive skin. According to the bachelorette, she has "the most sensitive skin in the world." The Possessionista talked to Maynard about her skin care regimen, and she shared the following details: "Seriously, if I even dream about going to bed without washing my face I break out. Every morning I wash with Obagi Gentle cleanser, Obagi C-Exfoliating Day Lotion, and then Elta SPF. At night I wash my face with Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser, Retin-A, and Sothys Revitalizing Serum."

Maynard's hair is the target of much envy from Bachelorette fans. Discussing how she achieves soft waves in her platinum locks, Maynard said, "I go section by section starting at the top and curl it with a curling iron and then clip a velcro roller in it. You roll everything away from your face and put the rollers on the side vertical. I leave them in until I'm ready to walk out the door and then spray with hairspray. My splurge is Aveda, but for everyday I use TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Hairspray."

The Daily Mail reports that Maynard will begin filming The Bachelorette in March. It will be exciting to watch the single mom find love when her season debuts. It will also be fun to see how Maynard's approach to beauty changes for her season on the show.

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Obagi Medical Products Wins Best Skincare in the Second Annual NewBeauty Magazine Choice Awards

LONG BEACH, Calif., Jan 04, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Obagi(R) Medical Products, Inc. , a leader in topical aesthetic and therapeutic skin health systems, has been recognized, for the second consecutive year, for having "The Best Skin-Care System at a Doctor's Office" by NewBeauty Magazine. The prestigious Beauty Choice Award was given for the Obagi Nu Derm System and will be featured in the Winter 2012 issue of NewBeauty Magazine.

"We are honored to be named, once again, the top skincare system from a physician's office," said Jim Hartman, Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development at Obagi Medical Products. "Being acknowledged in 2011 and now in 2012, by consumers, along with such an esteemed group of beauty insiders and industry professionals, makes it that much more significant."

The awards recognize the best products on the market as determined by thousands of NewBeauty readers, as well as the magazine's editors and renowned beauty experts.

"There is no doubt that consumers' beauty products are highly coveted items that we just can't live without," NewBeauty Editor-in-Chief, Yolanda Toh Bucher says, "And when we find something that really works? We can't help but share our secret with our friends, family and just about anyone who will listen, that's what our Beauty Choice Awards celebrate."

The Obagi Nu-Derm System is the #1, prescription-strength, physician-dispensed skincare system on the market and is designed to address aging skin. After using Nu-Derm, skin is improved for a healthier, more resilient appearance.

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Latisse for your dome? Eyelash enhancer also thickens thin hair

The drug, which in its earliest, unsexiest incarnation existed solely as a glaucoma treatment, is best known as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved wonder drug that can grow and darken your poor listless lashes . Now, it's being tested for a new use: growing hair on your dome.

No one tracks just how many doctors across the country are using Latisse off-label to target hair loss, but Dr. Alan Bauman, a Boca Raton, Fla., board-certified hair restoration physician has been using the drug this way for about three years, beginning around the time the FDA approved it for eyelash growth in December 2008. He describes his own personal "eureka!" moment:

"Patients who were using it for eyelashes sometimes have eyebrow problems, so it’s a short hop to the eyebrows," he explains. "So, of course, if it was working there, too — from the eyebrows, it’s just a short hop to the hairline."

Allergen, the health care company that manufactures the eyelash enhancer, is currently testing the safety and efficacy of a new formulation of bimatoprost, the active pharmaceutical ingredient in Latisse, in growing hair on the scalp, says Heather Katt, a spokeswoman for Allergen.

The appeal of using Latisse for hair loss is its ease and convenience, as it seems to only require one drop to the affected area once a day; minoxidil (better known as Rogaine) requires two, and Propecia requires daily pill taking.

Bauman says he sees about 1,000 new hair loss patients each year, about 700 of which end up on some kind of medical management — and so far, he's only used Latisse on a "couple dozen" patients, usually those who are allergic to the usual treatments, which is what happened to 70-year-old Rhoda Kelly.

Kelly's hair was thinning a bit on the back of her head, so she tried Rogaine, but suffered a bad allergic reaction. So Bauman suggested she try Latisse.

Kelly started to see noticeable results about four months after starting Latisse, as her thin hair started to grow in thicker. Now, 14 months later, Kelly says, "My hair is in much better condition — it looks healthy." She's still using Latisse, combined with "a slew of other vitamins," including a pharmaceutical-grade biotin and a marine-derived protein-polysaccaride, and a protective sun hat.

Courtesy of Dr. Alan Bauman
On the left is a photo of Rhoda Kelly's hair before using Latisse, which had started to thin a bit. On the right, Kelly's hair is thicker after using Latisse daily.

Kelly, by the way, has strawberry blonde hair, which has gotten lighter after years in the Florida sun. It hasn't darkened after using Latisse. When Latisse first hit the market, much ado was made about one of the more surprising risks: In rare cases, it could cause light eyes to turn brown. Bauman says he hasn't seen any evidence that this applies to hair, or the skin on the scalp, for that matter.

The major drawback: It's expensive. Each 2-ounce bottle costs $100 to $150 — and some patients will run through two or three bottles a month, Bauman says.

"Expense is a big disadvantage, but perhaps the biggest problem with this technology is that it does not restart hair growth for hair that has stopped growing," points out Perry Romanowski, a cosmetic chemist and one of the brains behind the popular beauty blog, The Beauty Brains. "If it works on scalp hair at all (and this hasn't been definitively proven), it will only be able to thicken existing, working hair follicles."

Basically: If you already have a bald patch, Latisse can't help you there.

"Since what people really want from this product is something that will bring their hair back, I suspect that they will be disappointed because that will not happen," Romanowski says. "Are a few thicker, fuller strands going to be worth the expense? Perhaps to some people."

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What Are Skin Toners And How Do The Help Your Skin?

What Are Skin Toners And How Do The Help Your Skin?

Most people know what are moisturizers and what are skin cleansers but not many people know what skin toners are. If you too are wondering what skin toners are and whether it is important for your skincare, then read on, you will find this article helpful.

Skin toners come in liquid form and it is one of the skin cleansing products introduced for advanced skincare. It is used to keep your skin free from oil. It is used specially in the so called T-zone on your face that is your forehead and your nose where the highest level of oil secretion takes place.

One of the popular toners come from SkinCeuticals which is one of the most trusted skincare brands. SkinCeuticals equalizing toner can be used for both combination and oily skin. This product promises to take care of three functions that is balance your skin, refresh it and restore your skins pH mantle. SkinCeuticals equalizing toner is also used to exfoliate dead skin cells which makes your skin look fresh. Ingredients like rosemary aloe gives you a refreshing feeling.

Skin toners are not used that frequently, because many people think that skin cleansers will do the job. However it is highly helpful in ensuring clean skin if you have oily or combination skin. SkinCeuticals equalizing toner for example is good for exfoliating your dead skin cells as one of the main ingredients is Hydroxy acids. This product also has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which makes it an ideal product for those with acne related problems.

However it is recommended that people with dry skin do not use skin toners contain astringents which have the quality of drying your skin. It will temporarily minimize the amount of oil secreted by your skin. So make sure that you know what you are doing when you buy your skincare products. Not all products are needed for every one and not all products are suitable for everyone.

Another top skin toner comes from La Roche Posay. This product is recommended for oily skin and acne skin. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Toner Astringent Lotion helps you in unclogging the skin pores. It has to be applied to your face after cleansing and drying your face.

If you are not sure whether you will need any skin toner for your skin, it is best to consult your nearest dermatologist who will help you make the right choices. While selecting your skincare products that you are not familiar with, it is best not to presume things because wrong presumptions can result in unnecessary skincare problems.

Added to that it is always safe to select the most trusted brands because top brands spend a considerable amount of money and time on testing their products for harmful side effects. In case you should decide to choose some unknown brands, it is important that you make your online research to get reviews and feedbacks about the products of your choice which will protect you from skincare issues.

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Skincare During Your Vacation

Skincare During Your Vacation


Even those who take very good care of their skin slacken from their skincare efforts during their vacation. After the vacation when they are back to their normal life, they regret for losing their skin tone because of lack of care. If you too do not want to make such mistakes and if you want to maintain well toned, smooth skin during and after your vacation, you need to make sure that you take adequate precautions to protect your skin during vacation.


During vacation you are very likely to expose your skin to outdoor environment. Most of us spend more time indoors either at home or at our work place during regular times but when we go on vacation, most of the time will be spent outdoors. So your skin would not be used to such an extensive exposure. So you need to guard your skin accordingly. however if you are too preoccupied with your skincare you will miss all the fun of your vacation. So it is important to balance between the two.


You will obviously know the type of climate that will prevail in your holiday destination. If you are not sure you must spend time finding out the weather conditions in your vacation destination. You will be able to find all the information online and all that you need to do is few minutes of research. Once you have all the information required, pack your skincare products based on the skincare needs in your holiday destination. If you are going to visit a very cold place you will need additional supply of moisturizers. If you are going to visit a hot place, then you will need good sun blocks. One need not go to a dermatologist for this, it is something very basic and everyone that is careful about their skin will know all these details. It is also important to take enough supplies so that your skincare products last for the entire vacation. If you run short of skincare products, you must make sure to purchase the same brands. It is best not to try new brands when you are out on vacation because during such times your skin is already exposed to a lot of changes and it will be more vulnerable to side effects and infections. If you regularly use Obagi moisturizers or if you use La Roche Posay buy only those brands. There is a danger that you don’t find the same brands in your vacation destination and that is why it is important to go with adequate supplies. You should check your skincare supplies as soon as you book your tickets. If you need to order your Obagi sunfader or Jan Marini moisturizers online you will need time for them to be delivered to you so it is important to order them on time.


You will not regret making such good preparations for your holiday. Remember there is no holiday for skincare not even when you are on your vacation.


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Regular Skincare To Reduce The Visits To Your Dermatologist

Regular Skincare To Reduce The Visits To Your Dermatologist


Most of us dread our visits to the dermatologist or to our local skincare specialist. Firstly we are afraid of their diagnosis that what they may tell us about our skincare problem and secondly, people are afraid of the huge bills that we receive from our dermatologist. However what we do not realize is the fact our skincare specialist or our dermatologist is billing us only based on the problems that they treat and they do not invent skincare problems in us but just identify them and treat them. If you have been good at taking care of your skin you could have avoided many of the trips that you make to your dermatologist.


It has bee reported that majority of the cases that come to the skincare specialists could  have easily been avoided if only the patients spent some time on the basic skincare. Unfortunately not many people know what is basic skincare. They think that skincare is only for the beauticians. In most cases the best people do to take care of their skin is to take regular showers. Do you think that it is enough to stop with regular showers?  Certainly not! Whether you spend your time indoors or outdoors, your skin is exposed to a lot of stress on daily basis. You need to make sure that your skincare issues are regularly attended to without any delay. Never postpone your skincare need to the next day.


If you look at it closely it will take a maximum of fifteen to twenty minutes for daily skincare. Basic skincare starts from the application of good moisturizers from reliable brands like Jan Marini, SkinMedica, SkinCeuticals, Obagi, etc. As soon as you are out of the shower your skin should get its protective quote of moisturizer which will help it to retain the water content in your body.


If you are planning to go out and if you anticipate that your skin is going to be exposed to a lot of sun, then you need to make sure to apply good sunscreen lotion again from good brands like Obagi or SkinCeuticals.


When you are back home after having exposed your skin to dirt, dust, oil etc., you need to clean your skin with appropriate cleansers. Your skin cleanser is not the regular soap you use. Your regular soap will remove the dirt only superficially but deep cleaning action is required to clean the skin of all the impurities and to clean the clogged pores and for this you will need a good cleanser. If you have the habit of using any makeup, your makeup should also be removed before you go to bed. Your skin cleanser will do the job for you.


All these basic care will help you keep your skin healthy and smooth. When your skin is healthy, then you will never have to visit your skincare specialist. Just remember to choose the right skincare products based on your skin type.


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Papaya Face Mask And Its Benefits

Papaya Face Mask And Its Benefits

The main role of face masks is to exfoliate the skin on your face. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells. If dead skin cells are not removed regularly from your skin, they decay and clog the pores of your skin and this can also trigger bacterial infection. Using face masks will brighten up your face and help you look fresh. Most people prefer to use face masks made from natural products and one of the most popular natural face masks is made from papaya. Many people make papaya face masks at home however you will need time to shop for papayas and spend time preparing the masks. Also you may not find this fruit round the year but you can find readymade papaya face masks available online round the year.

Jan Marini’s Skin Zyme is a very popular papaya face mask. This readymade face mask saves you from all the hassles of making your own homemade papaya facemasks. Moreover, Jan Marini is one of the most preferred skincare brands and you can confidently choose papaya masks from this brand.

Papaya is one of the most powerful exfoliating agents known to us. Papaya is also rich in vitamin c and vitamin E. Jan Marini Skin Zyme extracts enzymes from uses raw papayas. This product is to be used for homecare exfoliation. When using Skin Zyme from Jan Marini you will not have to worry about damaging your sensitive skin or tissues. You will be able to enjoy multiple benefits using this papaya face mask from Jan Marini. It has been reported that this product is effective on acne treatment, scar reduction, skin rejuvenation and hyper pigmentation. It is very easy to use Skin Zyme papaya face mask. Regular use of this face mask will brighten up your face as all the dead skin cells will be removed regularly.

Other major ingredients of Skin Zyme include sunflower oil, cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, etc. If you do not want into the messy business of preparing  your own homemade exfoliate and want something quick and effective at the right prices then Skin Zyme from Jan Marini is the best solution for you. You can carry this product wherever you go which is not possible if you prepare your own papaya face mask. Your skincare and exfoliation need not be stopped just because you are travelling. Jan Marini brings you the most effective face mask.


Besides papaya other fruits such as pineapple are also used for preparing exfoliation masks. As you can find readymade face masks from the most trusted brands, you need not have to take all the trouble. When you have ready to use products, skincare becomes rather easy. When skincare becomes more complicated you can easily lose interest despite knowing the importance of regular skincare. So to avoid reaching such situations, it is best to make use of easy to use skincare products from reliable brands so that you will show continued interest on skincare.

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Is It Good To Try Multiple Brand Skincare Products Simultaneously?

Is It Good To Try Multiple Brand Skincare Products Simultaneously?


Most women pick their skincare products randomly and it is also not uncommon to see people using skincare products from multiple brands simultaneously. Now the question is, is it good to use multiple brand skincare products simultaneously? Will such a practice have any unnecessary side effects on your skin? These are questions that people have regarding skincare products. Though hundreds of women mix and match skincare products from various brands it is always prudent to stick to a single skincare brand for all your skincare needs. This will ensure additional safety to your skin and you will not have to worry about unnecessary side effects resulting from the use of multiple brands.


Some times multiple brand skincare products may be incompatible with one another. You will not know this until you use them together but this is too big a risk that you will be taking on your skin which is of course the most sensitive organ of your body. So to avoid running into such problems, it is best to find top skincare brands that have everything you need rather than mixing and matching your skincare products. For example popular brands like Obagi, Jan Marini, La Roche Posay etc., give you good collection or good range of skincare products that will take care of all your skincare needs.


If you still want to mix and match your skincare products for some reason, then it is best to consult your dermatologist to check whether the brands that you are choosing are compatible with one another. When used individually you may not face any problem with them but when used together with another known brand or other unbranded product, they may trigger certain skin reactions. Such reactions may range anything from mild to severe reactions. So it is best to take the safer path.


Whether you are choosing multiple skincare brands or sticking to single brand, you need to choose only the trusted and mostly used brands. This will help you from unnecessary skincare problems. As many people have already tried these products, there are lesser chances of developing any side effects using them though everyone’s skin type is unique.


You can also checkout online beauty forums to see whether people are facing any problems with the brands that they have used. If there are any issues or problems relating to a particular brand, it is advisable to stay away from them because you will have plenty of options these days when it comes to skincare products. After all these testing, researching and trying once you have found a brand that is compatible with your skin, it is best to continue with it for life so that you do not have to endure this long process again.


The next time you are ordering your skincare products remember the above factors and make wise choices. You should always take your safety seriously and cost savings is only a secondary factor while ordering skincare products.


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How to Reduce Your Beautician Bills

How to Reduce Your Beautician Bills?


Today with the increasing awareness among women on looking beautiful and attractive, there is a great proliferation of beauty care products and skincare products. There are numerous brands and endless products from all the top brands. If you are someone that spends a lot of time at beauty parlors and someone that pays a lot of money to beauticians for regular beauty care, then you could possibly reduce your bills to beauticians to a considerable amount by taking care of many things by yourself. When you visit your beautician for skin bleach or facial cleansing, your beautician will bill you for her time, service and for the supplies that she uses on you.


On the other hand if you can take are of some of the basic beauty care, you will just need to pay for the beauty care products or skincare products. Don’t you think that it will bring a considerable amount of savings to you every month? Today there are many effective beauty care products from the most trusted brands such as SkinMedica, SkinCeuticals, La Roche Posay, Obagi, etc. All these brands are regularly used by women even beauticians and spas get their supplies from these brands. There are effective face masks and skin cleansers available from these brands. Rather than visiting your beautician for a facial you can do it yourself at home using Obagi or SkinMedica products. You will save both time and money by taking care of these basic beauty care needs by yourself. You will not have to drive to your beautician’s office or spend on the fuel which adds on to your beautician’s bill indirectly. Moreover, you can handle these tasks at a time that is most convenient to you and not have to tailor your day based on your beautician’s availability.


This does not mean you should never use the services of your beautician, but use them only for advanced beauty care services for which adequate knowledge in beauty care is required. Today most women do their own facial at home, so why don’t you too follow the same. Rather than spending a lot of money paying your beautician, you will be able to increase your skincare supplies for the same money and take good care of your skin.


All top beauticians carefully select their skincare products and that is why when you visit your beautician the effects are stunning. Top beauticians use brands like La Roche Posay, Jan Marini, Obagi, SkinMedica, etc. You can buy these brands easily online from trusted suppliers. This will help you get the same results as visiting your beautician.


Skincare has been made simple these days with the latest skincare products. Do not let yourself confused with the endless options that you find online. Be highly focused on the brands that you would like to use and this will help you enjoy great savings and at the same time get the required beauty care. You now know the secrets of reducing your beautician bills.

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How To Get Uniform Smooth Skin Complexion

How To Get Uniform Smooth Skin Complexion?


It is every woman’s dream to get that smooth and sexy skin. Most of us unfortunately have skin textures that are far from perfect. What happens finally is we tend to compromise on our dream on having that perfect skin and consider it ok as long as the skin is not unattractive and ugly. The question however is, is achieving that beautiful smooth skin with uniform complexion that hard? It shouldn’t be if you take the basic skincare protection.


You just need to look back to your own childhood days when you had that smooth and beautiful skin. Unfortunately you did know at that time this beautiful skin won’t last for life and when you reached your teenage you realized that it is going to happen much faster than you thought and you finally end up longing for that beautiful skin and envying women that have the kind of skin you always aspired for.


What has happened is that you have failed to take care of the nature’s best gift to you. To restore your skin to its original perfect condition you need to work much harder now depending your skin’s current condition. As a first step towards restoring your skin to its original beauty, throw away all those beauty products that have been damaging your skin all along. Switch to the safest brands like La Roche Posay, Obagi, SkinMedica, SkinCeuticals or other top brands. Avoid all cosmetic products that contain harsh chemicals. Your skin is the most sensitive part and it has to be treated as such. Using harsh chemicals on your skin will only ruin your skin’s texture further.


Go for gentler and mild skincare products. It will be even better if you can choose products with natural and herbal ingredients. Skincare should be regular and not when you like or when you remember or when you have time. It should be part of your daily tasks. So set aside a few minutes in the morning and again before going to bed. Spend time reading review about the top skincare products and top brands like La Roche Posay. See what others have got to say about this top brand and how these reliable brands have saved people’s skin. Of course consistency is vital as far as skincare is concerned.


Before selecting your skincare products, learn everything about your skin type and how your skin will respond to different ingredients and different climatic conditions. Choose your skincare products based on your skin type and your current skin condition. Do not force any product that is not compatible to your skin. Do not ignore irritations and other side effects which are alarms sent to you by your skin.


You can order your Obagi cleaners, La Roche Posay face masks, SkinMedica moisturizers and other top skincare products easily online these days. You need not even have to leave your home. All that it takes is a few simple clicks and your skin care products will be delivered at your doorsteps.


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Fighting The Effects Of Sun Damage

Fighting The Effects Of Sun Damage


Prolonged exposure to sun can cause a number of skin related problems. Most of the sun damage related problems can be easily avoided with basic precautions. One of the common forms of sun damages is sun burn. Here the skin surface that is exposed to sun for a long time gets affected. The affected area first gets reddened and in the successive days, the skin in the affected area turns brown resulting in flaky skin. Sun burns can be painful and leave temporary ugly scars on your face.


Another common form of skin damage caused by sun is sunspots. If your skin is exposed to sun for a long time you will form brown patches on your skin. These spots will be developed in areas that are exposed to sun and normally found on the face and arms. These sunspots are not painful and they are not really harmful to your body but they certainly make your skin unattractive.


Thirdly, over exposure to sun can hasten the pace of aging and it can make your skin look old at a much younger age. Your skin will also get wrinkles at a very early age with extensive exposure to sun.


There is yet another serious problem associated with sun exposure. The ultraviolet rays in the sun rays tend to increase the chances of cancer. It is therefore recommended to avoid direct exposure to sunlight as much as possible.


Not everyone is aware of all these sun damages. It is important that you protect your skin against all these risks and avoid your skin from getting aged look prematurely. You will be able to most of the sun damages by making use of sun blocks, sun screens or what ever it is called. These sun screen lotions or creams will give a protective quote on your skin. You should apply your sun block before you move out of your house. Try to find reliable brand sun screens and sun damage control products like Obagi sunfader. You will find many other top brands with equally effective sun blocks. Some of the brands that you could try safely include Jan Marini, SkinCeuticals, SkinMedica, etc.


What is important here is to follow the instructions that come with the product. The effectiveness of the sun screen that you use will vary from one brand to another. The duration for which you enjoy the protection will depend on the quality of the sun damage control you are using. It is important that you go with the instructions to get the fullest benefits. In case you are out there in the beaches or enjoying your swim, check whether your sun damage control will be effective in such scenarios. Most of the products get washed off with water activities, which means you need to apply your sun screen at regular frequencies to enjoy continued protection. There is nothing wrong in enjoying your summer but take adequate precautions to avoid skincare problems resulting from sun damage.



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Do You Have A Regular Skin Regimen?

Do You Have A Regular Skin Regimen?


Every woman that aspires to have a beautiful young looking skin unblemished from spots and scars have to ask herself:


 “Do I have a regular skin regimen?”


If answer is no then you should be prepared to accept the painful fact that you cannot enjoy that beautiful unblemished skin that you have always wanted. Skincare is in fact simple and easy as despite what people think or say about skincare. All that is required of you here is to have a regular skincare regimen or program. You need to be faithful to your own skincare program.


There are different ways of going about it. First step here is to understand your skincare requirements. People have different types of skins and you first need to understand your skin type before you can actually take any skincare efforts. The best approach would be to consult a dermatologist to understand the do’s and don’ts of for your skin type. Many people think that they need to approach a dermatologist only when they have skincare problems. Approaching a beautician or a skincare specialist for general consultations will help you avoid unnecessary visits to him or her in the future because you will be able to take preventive measures against skincare problems.


You should choose your skincare regimen based on the advice given by your skincare specialist. Once the skincare regimen has been decided, you will have to decide to be unswerving with the efforts. The next step is choosing your skin and this is where you are likely to be confused. When you go online you will be exposed to hundreds of skincare brands like SkinCeuticals, Obagi, SkinMedica, Jan Marini, La Roche Posay and more. Many new brands are also added to the list regularly. Never take a random approach to choosing your skincare products. You will find lot of reviews and feedbacks online about skincare products. These reviews will help you make well informed decision. When you pick top brands like Obagi or Jan Marini, you need to make sure that you are buying them from a reliable store to ensure authentic branded products. Once these preliminaries are completed you need to actually start implementing your skincare regimen.


Set aside a specific time of the day for your skincare. Leaving it open ended will only make you irregular. Depending on your daily routine choose a time that you will be relaxed. Everyday you should spend this time taking care of your skin. Once you have established a routine, you will automatically become regular and if miss your skincare regimen you will be restless. Only during the initial stages you need to put in a lot of effort to teach yourself the new habit.


You should make sure that you do not run short of your skincare supplies. Order them online from trusted stores like EliteDepot.com well in advance so that you will enjoy uninterrupted supply of skincare supplies. Ordering the same brands from the same online store will simplify the process greatly.


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Different Types Of Skin Cleansers Available In The Market

Different Types Of Skin Cleansers Available In The Market

There are lot of wrong notions prevailing among people about skin cleansers. Most people think that the regular soaps that they use are skin cleansers. In one sense this may be true but what is marketed as skin cleansers in the skincare industry is different from your regular soaps. If you are searching for the best cleansers for your skin then you should know that there are different types of cleansers available in the market today and you should select the right type of skin cleansers. You should also familiarize yourself with the best brands for skin cleansers. Some of the most reputed brands for skin cleansers include Obagi, SkinMedica, Skinceuticals and more. Among these Obagi Clenziderm is highly popular and this is also used as one of the most effective treatment against acne.

The main purpose of skin cleanser is to clean stubborn dirt clogged into the pores of your face, makeup residues and oil secretion on your face. Though ordinary soaps are not to be considered as skin cleansers, you should know that some brands have skin cleansers that look like your regular soap bars.

Normally skin cleansers come in liquid form, they are thick like lotion. Some of the skin cleansers come with moisturizers. You will also find foamy skin cleansers, but you should know that not all skin cleansers are foamy. For example Skinceuticals Foaming cleanser as the name suggests will produce foam when you apply it on your skin. Depending on the type of your skin cleanser you should follow the application and usage instructions. Never use your skin cleansers without reading the instructions fully.

One of the common types of skin cleansers is the cleanser for normal skin. As majority of people would fall under this category, you will find cleansers for normal skin easily in the market. Most of the skin cleansers come marked with the type of skin for which you can use it and it bears no explicit sign then it has to be taken that it is for normal skin.

The next type of skin cleanser is for the oily skin. Unlike the skin cleansers meant for normal skin, these skin cleansers will not contain any moisturizers rather they will have drying agents suitable for oily skin. If you have normal skin or dry skin you must not use cleansers meant for oily skin because it will damage your skin. You might have chose the best brand cleanser like Obagi skin cleanser or SkinCeuticals cleanser but just because you are using the cleanser for the wrong type of skin, you can still damage your skin. It is not because the top brands you have chosen are not good but it is because you have the wrong type of product in your hand.

Similarly, there are skin cleansers for dry and sensitive skins. So the next time you are picking your skin cleansers better pay attention to details to ensure that you are buying the right product.


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Dealing With The Signs Of Aging On Skin

Dealing With The Signs Of Aging On Skin

As biological beings we are destined to age and grow old. There is nothing we can do about this process. Though the inmost cravings of every human being are ever youthful look and immortality, we are very limited in this area. The best we can do here is to minimize the signs of aging and postpone these signs that remind us of old age.

Unfortunately the aging process is further speeded up factors such as poor life style, undue stress, work pressure, unhealthy eating habits and the like. Experts distinguish between chronologic aging and environmental aging. We cannot stop chronologic aging but we certainly can minimize the adverse effects of environment aging.

We expose our body to excessive UV radiation, exposure to sun, polluted air, harsh climatic conditions and all these will take its toll on our skin. This does not mean that we have to lock ourselves indoor and this is also not practical. So we need to look for solutions elsewhere.

Lot of researches are underway today to fight the signs of aging and minimize these signs as much as possible and postpone these signs as long as possible. Researches indicate that formation of free radicals in our body plays a great role in the aging process. This has triggered the use of antioxidants in the anti aging products. Tests indicate that topical application of anti aging products whose major ingredient is antioxidants slows down the pace of aging in skin. Which means, when you are picking your skincare products you need to pay attention to the list of ingredients and not blindly choose them based on the cost or the color of the packaging. Look for anti aging products that are rich in antioxidants. For example SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum has rich antioxidants content along with the other powerful anti aging ingredients such as peptides. It has been proven that anti aging products like SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum transforms the aging skin dramatically by regenerating skin to achieve its original beauty.

One of the common signs of aging is the appearance of wrinkles. Using anti aging products like SkinMedica at the right time you can prevent the appearance of these wrinkles. It is much easier to prevent wrinkles from appearing as opposed to treating or removing wrinkles after their appearance.

If you take adequate precautions against environment aging you will be able to postpone the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Added to that, if you choose your anti aging products carefully you will be able to gain upper hand over the signs of aging though you cannot permanently stop these signs from appearing. SkinMedica TNS serum tightens the skin and boosts the skin’s regeneration abilities which are two important aging defects. Saggy, loose skin is sign of aging and when you get old our skin’s ability to regenerate itself dwindles. SkinMedica helps you in these two areas added to that it protects you from environment aging.

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Are You Fighting a Losing Battle Against Under Eye Dark Circles?

Are You Fighting a Losing Battle Against Under Eye Dark Circles?


Many women feel that they are fighting a losing battle against under eye dark circles. The appearance of under eye dark circles can make one look sickly and give them a very unattractive appearance. So women panic at the first signs of under eye dark circles. If you have this problem do not panic, today there are lot of effective skincare products and beauty products that will help you fight this problem successfully. If you have been trying several products to get rid of your under eye dark circles but without any success, then it only means that you are not using the right products for the problem at hand.


Under eye dark circles can appear due to various reasons both physical and psychological. If you are too stressed and if you do not get adequate sleep at night you can develop under eye dark circles. There are also other reasons why you are getting dark circles under your eyes.


Dark circles can also be an inherited problem. If you happen to have facial structure that creates the illusion of dark circles then you need to set right the problem with appropriate make up. But if the dark circles appear due to other reasons, then you can find effective skincare products to make the dark circles disappear. One of the common reasons for dark circles around the eyes is vitamin K deficiency and if you are too dehydrated then also you can get these dark circles around your eyes.


Besides taking good diet and adequate rest you will be able to reduce the effects of under eye dark circles. One of the most effective skincare treatments for dark circles come from Jan Marini called Factor A. You will be able to get fast results using Factor A from Jan Marini. This product contains Vitamin K and Retinol as active ingredients. If you want to get rid of your dark circles under your eyes, then there is no better skincare treatment. The effectiveness of Jan Marini’s Factor A in treating dark circles has been proven clinically. It also helps in treating other signs of aging that appear around the eyes. Factor A will help you reduce the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Added to that it will also prevent pigment deposits. With regular usage you will be able to get regular skin tone which will reduce the dark circle effect around the eyes. You need not have to wear that large sunglasses anymore to cover up the dark circles. Try Jan Marini’s Factor A.


Though Jan Marini’s dark circle treatment comes in the form of capsules, the contents of the capsules has to be applied under eye area and it is not supposed to be taken in, remember to read the instructions carefully when your Jan Marini Factor A is delivered to you.

You can at last get rid of your dark circles effectively within a short time.

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Are You Aging Faster Than You Should?

Are You Aging Faster Than You Should?


Reports indicate that women are aging much faster than they should and the first signs of aging are seen on their skin. There are various reasons stated for this premature aging and if you too do not want to age faster than you should then you should take adequate care.


Some of the reasons that are identified as factors that cause premature aging include the following factors. Firstly, our life style has a lot to contribute towards premature aging. Everyone is too busy, we get very little sleep and we are subjected to a lot of stress. These two can have far reaching effects on our body and our general health condition. Dark circles, unhealthy skin, appearance of file lines on the forehead are signs of aging that result from inadequate sleep and excessive stress.


The next important factor is the increasing atmospheric pollution. There is a constant increase in the number of vehicles and the pollution they emit into the air deteriorates the air quality further. Poor eating habit is also one of the major factors of premature aging. When one or more of these factors are present we are prone to premature aging. There is yet another factor besides the above that is the use of poor quality cosmetic products and skincare products. As the cosmetic industry is one of the most lucrative industries, hundreds of brands compete in this industry. However, only few brands like SkinCeuticals, Obagi, Jan Marini, La Roche Posay are reliable. Most of the skincare products use harmful chemicals.


When all the above factors act on us our body will be over powered and it will certainly need additional boosters to fight these aggravating causes. Chronologic aging is normal but what we are faced with here is environment aging. If you want to get the best skincare and if you want to postpone the signs of aging, you should take highly focused efforts. You should vow to yourself that you will not use anything but the best skincare products.


You should select your skincare brands not just based on their cost but on their effectiveness, safety and reputation among other factors. So the next time you go online to order your skincare products do not search for the cheapest moisturizers or the low priced sun screens. We do not mean to say that good skincare brands are always expensive. You will be able to find top skincare brands like La Roche Posay, Jan Marini and more at very reasonable prices at EliteDepot.com. You should just search for the right place to buy authentic skincare products at the lowest prices.


Very often people worry about their wrinkles, about the sunspots and other skin damages too much but they do not take any positive action to fight them. Such an approach will only make you feel depressed which in turn will make you think that you are helpless. You should break away from such patterns and take positive measures against the signs of aging by selecting top skincare products.


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Anti Aging Skin Care Concentrating On The Under Eye Area

Anti Aging Skin Care Concentrating On The Under Eye Area


One of the areas of our body that show visible signs of aging is our face and in particular we will be able to see these signs of aging under our eyes. As the skin under our eyes is very delicate, aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles are more easily visible under the eyes. Dark circle is also a very common problem in this area. As we grow old our skin’s ability to regenerate reduces drastically as a result our skin starts exhibiting these signs of aging. It is very important that you pay attention to the fine lines and the wrinkles under your eyes at an early stage to minimize their appearance. If you do not take any measures against these fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes, these will become deep wrinkles fast. One of the products that will help you fight the problems of aging in the under-eye area is C-esta eye repair concentrate from Jan Marini.


C-esta is an anti aging formula which will help you repair the delicate skin in the eye area. Jan Marini’s C-esta is proven to be one of the best eye repair products contains powerful ingredients that will help you make the skin under the eyes look young and fresh. This successful formula is rich in vitamins and topical agents. Regular use of C-esta will help you get rid of the fine lines. One of the reasons why fine lines and wrinkles appear under the sky is because of the loss of elasticity which occurs during old age. By using Jan Marini C-esta you will be able to regain the elasticity of your skin to achieve that radiant young look. You will get firmer skin which will fight further appearance of wrinkles in this area.


You will exhibit signs of aging under the eye if you do not take nutritious food and also if you do not take adequate rest. Sleepless nights will aggravate aging problems in the under-eye area. So it is important to take care of your general health to ensure that you enjoy healthy skin texture.


If you expose your skin to sun extensively, this will also have its own effects on skin related problems. Jan Marini will help your body in putting up a strong fight against free radical damage and there by giving you younger and smoother skin. Those who have used Jan Marini C-esta report quick results. However, it is important that you take your anti aging efforts well in advance to ensure that you gain control over the signs of aging. Using Jan Marini C-esta you will be able to fight against dark circles, free radical damage, fine lines and wrinkles. This product is suitable for all skin types including oily, normal, sensitive skins.


As the signs of aging are more visible under the eyes you need to make sure to take extra care to treat this area the best skincare products available in the market.




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Taking Care Of Your Skin During Winter

Taking Care Of Your Skin During Winter

Winter is one of the most difficult or challenging seasons when it comes to skincare. Winter is marked by low temperatures and low humidity these two factors can damage your skin extensively. During winter your skin will lose all the moisture content which is further aggravated by the continuous use of the heating system at home and office. One of the basic requirements of healthy skin is moisture. Winter season has everything required to dry your skin. If you do not pay attention to dryness and the related symptoms of winter you will end up with cracks and blisters on your skin. You should not wait until reaching such extreme conditions. Cracks and blisters will not only be painful but it will affect your skin tone very badly. Recovering from the effects of these cracks and blisters will take a long time. If you do not take timely care of your skin during the winter months you will curse yourself for neglecting skincare when it is time for that important evening with your special someone. Then you will not be able to improve your skin condition overnight. So better take regular care of your skin during the winter months.

Here are few important winter skincare tips. Make sure that you have the right moisturizing lotion for your skin from reputed brands like La Roach Posay, Jan Marini or Obagi. Let there not be a long gap between your shower and the application of your moisturizing lotion. This is important because when you do not apply your moisturizing lotion immediately, all the water content from your skin will dry and by applying moisturizing lotion immediately after the shower, you will be able to improve the effectiveness of your moisturizing lotion.

Not many people realize that hot shower cause a lot of damage to your skin. Lot of people like to stay in the hot shower for long without realizing that it will result in skin damage especially during the winter months. Keep your showers short and use lukewarm water and not steaming hot water.

Another common mistake that people make during the winter months is taking very little water or liquid. Though we may not feel the need to take a lot of liquids during winter months due to reduced perspiration levels, you need should forget your basic rule on taking 64 oz of water every day. Stay away from caffeine as much as possible because caffeine is known for dehydrating your body very badly.

Always make sure to select the most effective moisturizing lotions from trusted brands like Obagi, Skinceuticals, etc. Winter is normally not the good time to try new cosmetic products or new skincare products because your skin will already be in a very delicate condition due to poor weather and you should not subject it to further trauma by trying new cosmetic products or harsh skincare products. It is best to go with your regular Obagi products or your Skinmedica products.



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Taking Care Of Your Skin During Summer

Taking Care Of Your Skin During Summer

Many people that take extreme care of their skin during winter tend to ignore their skincare thinking that skincare is not required during the summer months. Like winter, summer months can also damage your skin and if you are not careful you can lose your skin tone that you have been maintaining all through the year.

You should never get out of your home without adequate sun screen protection. If you are planning to go out on a vacation during summer and getting some natural tan, then before planning your trip you should first get the best sun block before you hit the beaches. Excessive exposure to sun and ultraviolet rays can cause sun burns. One of the top brands for sun screen protection is from La Roche Posay, a very well known brand for wide range of skincare products and anti aging products. La Roache Posay puts a tough fight with the top brands like Obagi, SkinMedica, Skinceuticals.

Your summer skincare efforts should not stop merely with the use of sun blocks. Summer skincare goes much beyond sun screen protection. If you have a very sensitive skin, you will have to be all the more careful to protect yourself from reddening of skin. People with oily skin should make sure to wash their face regularly because accumulation of sweat and oil can trigger acne related problems. If you already have acne, then it will aggravate the condition further if you do not keep your skin oil free.

You need to keep your body cool during summer because you will get heat boils which can turn out to be painful. Though it is not something directly related to skincare, heat boils can result in leaving ugly scars on your skin. Consuming lot of water, fresh juices and liquid will help you keep your body cool. Cucumber, watermelon, mash melon etc., will have a cooling effect on your body and it will protect you from heat attacks.

One of the common mistakes that people make during summer is to use heavy makeup with withstand the effects of harsh summer and excessive sweating. When you are choosing your cosmetics, try to get something mild and gentle so that your skin is safe. Some of the top brands that you can consider include Obagi Sunfader, Jan Marini, La Roach Posay, SkinMedica and Skinceutcals. These brands enjoy very good reputation in the cosmetics and skin care industry as they are not only effective but they are very gentle on the skin. Along with the other summer skincare measures, you should also choose your skincare products with great care.

With regular attention and the right choice of skincare products you will be able to protect your skin from the extreme conditions that prevail during summer months. Anthelios from La Roche Posay is one of the popular sun protection creams available in the market that you can consider for your summer skincare needs. This cream gives the strongest possible protection against UVB rays and UVA rays.


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Prudent Use Of Skincare Advice

Prudent Use Of Skincare Advice


Today we can find plenty of skincare advice on the internet. You just need to make a quick search on the topic of your choice and you will find loads of information on the web. What is important to note here is that not all advice come from the trusted sources. So if you want to make use of any skincare advice from online sources, you need to make sure to check out the sources before you use any of the tips and suggestions that you find online.


Many people also post their questions on skincare in online forums and the members of the forum respond to those queries. Here again, the responses are not from the experts. It does not mean that you cannot find reliable skincare advice online or any useful information on skincare online. We just trying to drive home the point that when you are using skincare advice that you find online, you need to be cautious.


Some of the skincare advice that you find online can potentially damage your skin. You cannot claim compensation for the damage caused from the online sources. You should be rather more responsible and avoid random skincare advice. It is not only online sources that give you loads of skincare advice, you will also get skincare advice from your friends, from dailies, from magazines, etc.


Besides that, there are also other dangers in using random skincare advice. You can sometimes find contradictory skincare advice, tips and suggestions. So in such situations you are likely to be confused. Some sources would say you should use only trusted skincare products from the reputed brands like Obagi, Skinceuticals, SkinMedica, Jan Marini, La Roche Posay etc., while other sources would say you can use non branded skincare products because they have tried them and did not find any problem with the non branded products. If you find the non branded products cheaper than the branded products, when you read such advice you are likely to go with the cheaper product without checking the validity of the statements made online. When it comes to skincare, cost savings is not the sole purpose while selecting the products. You need to find the safest products that work the best for you because what works for one may work for the other person.


Just because skincare advice comes free you should not get into the habit of trying every piece of advice that you come across. If you do so you will end up treating your skin with a new product this can over a period of time damage your skin. To save yourself from such risks and problems, you curtail yourself to limited and the most trusted sources of skincare advice and tips. If required consult a dermatologist and get sound skincare advice after testing your skin type and follow it consistently. Top brands like Obagi, Jan Marini continuously come up with many new skincare products after a lot of research and testing you can try them safely to take good care of your skin.




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