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Vivier Hyperpigmentation Program (Hydroquinone-Free) 6 piece kit

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Brightens a dull complexion Uses Alpha-Arbutin to lighten discoloration 6-Piece Kit
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Restore skin with the Vivier Hyperpigmentation Program (Hydroquinone-Free).

Target hyperpigmentation, aging skin and irregular skin tone and texture with Vivier's Hydroquinone-Free Hyperpigmentation Program. This gentle, yet effective treatment set helps restore skin's vitality with Vitamin C, A and alpha hydroxy acids, along with alpha-arbutin. The gentle formulas improve the complexion with minimal irritation and redness in as little as four minutes per day. Ideal for use after an in-office procedure or for those who can't tolerate hydroquinone, Vivier's Hydroquinone-Free Hyperpigmentation Program will help you achieve stronger, brighter skin.

Set Includes:

  • Medicated Wash (5.0 fl oz)
  • Radiance Serum (1.0 fl oz)
  • Skin Brightening Cream (1.83 fl oz)
  • Exfoliant Forte (2.0 fl oz)
  • Retinol 1% Night Complex (1.0 fl oz)
  • Sheer Broad Spectrum SPF 45 (3.0 fl oz)
  • Vivier signature travel bag

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