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Vivier C E Peptides Serum, 1 Fluid Ounce

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VivierSkin C E Peptides helps minimize the signs of aging.

Over time, UV rays, free radicals, harsh climates and aggressive treatments take their toll on the complexion. To combat the effects of this damage, use VivierSkin C E Peptides. An advanced serum, this product minimizes the look of fine lines, dark spots and roughness that age the complexion with ingredients like ascorbic acid, vitamin E, peptides and grapefruit extract. The potent vitamin C in this formula neutralizes free radicals before they can damage collagen and elastin. Using this vitamin C serum will create a more even tone and brighten skin for a more youthful look. 

  • Improves fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture and tone
  • Helps restore a more radiant complexion
  • Evens skin tone and smooths skin texture
  • Alcohol-free, lightweight and fast-absorbing

VivierSkin C E Peptides improves signs of aging and protects skin from environmental damage

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