Taking Care Of Your Skin During Winter

Winter is one of the most difficult or challenging seasons when it comes to skincare. Winter is marked by low temperatures and low humidity these two factors can damage your skin extensively. During winter your skin will lose all the moisture content which is further aggravated by the continuous use of the heating system at home and office. One of the basic requirements of healthy skin is moisture. Winter season has everything required to dry your skin. If you do not pay attention to dryness and the related symptoms of winter you will end up with cracks and blisters on your skin. You should not wait until reaching such extreme conditions. Cracks and blisters will not only be painful but it will affect your skin tone very badly. Recovering from the effects of these cracks and blisters will take a long time. If you do not take timely care of your skin during the winter months you will curse yourself for neglecting skincare when it is time for that important evening with your special someone. Then you will not be able to improve your skin condition overnight. So better take regular care of your skin during the winter months.

Here are few important winter skincare tips. Make sure that you have the right moisturizing lotion for your skin from reputed brands like La Roach Posay, Jan Marini or Obagi. Let there not be a long gap between your shower and the application of your moisturizing lotion. This is important because when you do not apply your moisturizing lotion immediately, all the water content from your skin will dry and by applying moisturizing lotion immediately after the shower, you will be able to improve the effectiveness of your moisturizing lotion.

Not many people realize that hot shower cause a lot of damage to your skin. Lot of people like to stay in the hot shower for long without realizing that it will result in skin damage especially during the winter months. Keep your showers short and use lukewarm water and not steaming hot water.

Another common mistake that people make during the winter months is taking very little water or liquid. Though we may not feel the need to take a lot of liquids during winter months due to reduced perspiration levels, you need should forget your basic rule on taking 64 oz of water every day. Stay away from caffeine as much as possible because caffeine is known for dehydrating your body very badly.

Always make sure to select the most effective moisturizing lotions from trusted brands like Obagi, Skinceuticals, etc. Winter is normally not the good time to try new cosmetic products or new skincare products because your skin will already be in a very delicate condition due to poor weather and you should not subject it to further trauma by trying new cosmetic products or harsh skincare products. It is best to go with your regular Obagi products or your Skinmedica products.