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Prive Restoration Treatment ( 8 Fluid Ounce / 237 Milliliter)

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restores hair vitality with light conditioning nourishment. detangling protection helps prevent breakage. softens and smooths to control frizz and flyaways. color safe.
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Privé Restoration Treatment ( 8 Fluid Ounce / 237 Milliliter

About the product
  • TAKE YOUR LOCKS FROM DRAB TO FAB: Privé Restoration Treatment takes your locks from drab to fab for the ultimate before & after reveal. Your hair isn't hopeless; it's just a fixer upper!
  • RESTORE HAIR VITALITY WITH LIGHT CONDITIONING NOURISHMENT: Privé Restoration Treatment softens and smooths your hair, providing conditioning nourishment to your hair that will restore your hair vitality.
  • DETANGLING PROTECTION TO PREVENT BREAKAGE: This nourishing, restorative hair treatment provides a detangling action that helps prevent breakage and additional damage.

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