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Peter Thomas Roth firm x growth factor extreme neuropeptide serum

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FIRMx, straight from the PTR research facility, contains 52% Growth Factor Extreme NeuroComplex. It is a youth activating serum that helps improve the appearance of facial contour definition, skin resilience, texture, firmness & fine lines. The patent pending Growth Factor Extreme NeuroComplex is a synergistic cocktail of ten extremely effective actives totaling an unprecedented 52% of the formula. Bioengineered Growth Factor Extreme at 10% helps promote cellular proliferation to help activate skin's natural repair mechanisms. Neuropeptides BoNt-L at 5%, Neuroblokk at 5%, Glutrapeptide at 2.5% & Glistin at 2.5% help trigger the appearance of skin's cellular regeneration. Peptides, Serilesine* at 10% & Calmosensine* at 10% help redensify the appearance of skin and helps increase elasticity while Suberlift*, Chronospheres and Chromabright* combined at 7% help restore the appearance of skin's youthful contours, firmness, tone & radiance. FIRMx leaves skin with a well defined, more youthful & contoured appearance.

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