Jimmy Fallon Steals South Florida Luxury Auto Commercial Starring Lebron James This is the week that Jimmy Fallon has taken over the Tonight Show and he must have loved a used car commercial so much that he spoofed it. In 2013, South Florida Luxury Auto located in Pompano Beach Florida and owned by Derek Cavan, created a commercial featuring Norris Cole from the Miami Heat.Thursday night, Jimmy Fallon had another Miami Heat Superstar on his show, the King, Lebron James. Lebron and Jimmy were in an office setting playing wastepaper basketball. The creator and writer of the original commercial, Tonia Ryan, could not believe what she was seeing when the Tonight Show Aired Thursday night. Tonia said, "You have got to be kidding me! When you see our commercial all of our salesmen at the dealership are bored and playing wastepaper basketball and the new guy walks in and its Norris Cole. On The Tonight Show segment their new guy was Lebron James. Then Lebron shows all the office workers up and explains how to play basketball, just like I had Norris do on our commercial. I wrote in my script to have the boss walk out and ask what everyone was doing very stern. Jimmy's show they did the same thing with the boss except they added a cuss word. Jimmy and Lebron shrugged their shoulders like they were in trouble by the boss just like I wrote for my commercial script. That's the same script I wrote without singing and cheerleaders. Perhaps LeBron liked the commercial we did with Norris so much that he brought the idea to Jimmy Fallon for them to recreate or one of Jimmy writers saw our commercial on YouTube and decided my idea was a great idea. I guess that's the biggest form of flattery. But still it's not too cool to steal my entire idea and concept. Either way, they might want to hire me as a writer since they liked my work so much or at least say thank you for the idea." For business inquires email [email protected]