Fighting The Effects Of Sun Damage


Prolonged exposure to sun can cause a number of skin related problems. Most of the sun damage related problems can be easily avoided with basic precautions. One of the common forms of sun damages is sun burn. Here the skin surface that is exposed to sun for a long time gets affected. The affected area first gets reddened and in the successive days, the skin in the affected area turns brown resulting in flaky skin. Sun burns can be painful and leave temporary ugly scars on your face.


Another common form of skin damage caused by sun is sunspots. If your skin is exposed to sun for a long time you will form brown patches on your skin. These spots will be developed in areas that are exposed to sun and normally found on the face and arms. These sunspots are not painful and they are not really harmful to your body but they certainly make your skin unattractive.


Thirdly, over exposure to sun can hasten the pace of aging and it can make your skin look old at a much younger age. Your skin will also get wrinkles at a very early age with extensive exposure to sun.


There is yet another serious problem associated with sun exposure. The ultraviolet rays in the sun rays tend to increase the chances of cancer. It is therefore recommended to avoid direct exposure to sunlight as much as possible.


Not everyone is aware of all these sun damages. It is important that you protect your skin against all these risks and avoid your skin from getting aged look prematurely. You will be able to most of the sun damages by making use of sun blocks, sun screens or what ever it is called. These sun screen lotions or creams will give a protective quote on your skin. You should apply your sun block before you move out of your house. Try to find reliable brand sun screens and sun damage control products like Obagi sunfader. You will find many other top brands with equally effective sun blocks. Some of the brands that you could try safely include Jan Marini, SkinCeuticals, SkinMedica, etc.


What is important here is to follow the instructions that come with the product. The effectiveness of the sun screen that you use will vary from one brand to another. The duration for which you enjoy the protection will depend on the quality of the sun damage control you are using. It is important that you go with the instructions to get the fullest benefits. In case you are out there in the beaches or enjoying your swim, check whether your sun damage control will be effective in such scenarios. Most of the products get washed off with water activities, which means you need to apply your sun screen at regular frequencies to enjoy continued protection. There is nothing wrong in enjoying your summer but take adequate precautions to avoid skincare problems resulting from sun damage.