Different Types Of Skin Cleansers Available In The Market

There are lot of wrong notions prevailing among people about skin cleansers. Most people think that the regular soaps that they use are skin cleansers. In one sense this may be true but what is marketed as skin cleansers in the skincare industry is different from your regular soaps. If you are searching for the best cleansers for your skin then you should know that there are different types of cleansers available in the market today and you should select the right type of skin cleansers. You should also familiarize yourself with the best brands for skin cleansers. Some of the most reputed brands for skin cleansers include Obagi, SkinMedica, Skinceuticals and more. Among these Obagi Clenziderm is highly popular and this is also used as one of the most effective treatment against acne.

The main purpose of skin cleanser is to clean stubborn dirt clogged into the pores of your face, makeup residues and oil secretion on your face. Though ordinary soaps are not to be considered as skin cleansers, you should know that some brands have skin cleansers that look like your regular soap bars.

Normally skin cleansers come in liquid form, they are thick like lotion. Some of the skin cleansers come with moisturizers. You will also find foamy skin cleansers, but you should know that not all skin cleansers are foamy. For example Skinceuticals Foaming cleanser as the name suggests will produce foam when you apply it on your skin. Depending on the type of your skin cleanser you should follow the application and usage instructions. Never use your skin cleansers without reading the instructions fully.

One of the common types of skin cleansers is the cleanser for normal skin. As majority of people would fall under this category, you will find cleansers for normal skin easily in the market. Most of the skin cleansers come marked with the type of skin for which you can use it and it bears no explicit sign then it has to be taken that it is for normal skin.

The next type of skin cleanser is for the oily skin. Unlike the skin cleansers meant for normal skin, these skin cleansers will not contain any moisturizers rather they will have drying agents suitable for oily skin. If you have normal skin or dry skin you must not use cleansers meant for oily skin because it will damage your skin. You might have chose the best brand cleanser like Obagi skin cleanser or SkinCeuticals cleanser but just because you are using the cleanser for the wrong type of skin, you can still damage your skin. It is not because the top brands you have chosen are not good but it is because you have the wrong type of product in your hand.

Similarly, there are skin cleansers for dry and sensitive skins. So the next time you are picking your skin cleansers better pay attention to details to ensure that you are buying the right product.