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Dermalogica charcoal resque masque 2.5 oz

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                                    Dermalogica charcoal resque masque 2.5 oz


A fast-acting, all-in-one masque that brightens and detoxifies dull, fatigued skin all while invigorating the life back into it. When applied, this masque quickly absorbs dirt, debris and other impurities off the surface of the skin and refines pores for a more even tone and texture. It provides both physical and chemical exfoliation to slough away dull, dry skin, revitalizing it inner glow. This is a safe and effective for all skin types and addresses signs of skin aging, breakouts and sensitivity all at once. It was formulated omitting harmful artificial fragrances, colors or parabens. Once applied, this masque is easy-to-remove for great results without any fuss

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