Choosing The Best Sunless Tanning Solution

All of us like to look fit, healthy and beautiful. Lots of us spend a lot of time and money and one of our favorites is tanning. Today you dont have to be in the sun for several hours to get your tan, there are many sunless tanning solutions available in the industry today and you just need to explore your options and choose the right tanning solution.

There are tanning lotions that will help you get your desired shade in minutes. There are also tanning sprays. These tanning products help us get the desired tanning effect quickly. However, you need to be mindful of the side effects that it may have on you and your skin. Some of the tanning products available are just makeup items and you can wash them off and therefore not suitable if you are planning to take a swim with your special someone.

One of the best sunless tanning solutions available to us today is Tan Towel. Most of you have already heard about Tan Towel. Some of you already are enjoying the effectiveness of this sunless tanning solution that gives an irresistible tan on your skin. Tan Towel is a very innovative sunless tanning approach. These are towelettes similar to face wipes however the difference is that each towellete comes loaded with DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). You might be wondering what on earth is DHA. This is a form of colorless sugar which is approved by the American Academy of Dermatology as one of the safest sunless tanning element. DHA when it comes into contact with your skin will interact with the top layer of the skin which results in the tanning effect. This tan will not go off even if you wash with soap and water. Its effect will remain for almost one week and there may be a marginal variation on the duration for which the tan remains from individual to individual. You will be able to get your beautiful tan in just about three hours after the use of the towelette. If you are using tanning lotions you will have to wait for a long time or the lotion to dry but in the case of tan towel you will not face such problems. 

Tan Towel is one of the best products available today in the sunless tanning market. This product does not stain your clothes as there are no dyes used in this product. People that have used Tan Towel for sunless tanning report that as it exfoliates the skin, you get  softer and healthier looking skin. Each towellete is a single use application and no mess what so ever as it dries in seconds.

If you are scouring the web for the right self tanning product next time, you can consider Tan Towel and you will certainly love the results.