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Jimmy Fallon Steals South Florida Luxury Auto Commercial Starring Lebron James

This is the week that Jimmy Fallon has taken over the Tonight Show and he must have loved a used car commercial so much that he spoofed it. In 2013, South Florida Luxury Auto located in Pompano Beach Florida and owned by Derek Cavan, created  a commercial featuring Norris Cole from the Miami Heat.Thursday night, Jimmy Fallon had another Miami Heat Superstar on his show, the King, Lebron James. Lebron and Jimmy were in an office setting playing wastepaper basketball.
The creator and writer of the original commercial, Tonia Ryan, could not believe what she was seeing when the Tonight Show Aired Thursday night. Tonia said, "You have got to be kidding me! When you see our commercial all of our salesmen at the dealership are bored and playing wastepaper basketball and the new guy walks in and its Norris Cole. On The Tonight Show segment their new guy was Lebron James. Then Lebron shows all the office workers up and explains how to play basketball, just like I had Norris do on our commercial. I wrote in my script to have the boss walk out and ask what everyone was doing very stern. Jimmy's show they did the same thing with the boss except they added a cuss word. Jimmy and Lebron shrugged their shoulders like they were in trouble by the boss just like I wrote for my commercial script. That's the same script I wrote without singing and cheerleaders. Perhaps LeBron liked the commercial we did with Norris so much that he brought the idea to Jimmy Fallon for them to recreate or one of Jimmy writers saw our commercial on YouTube and decided my idea was a great idea. I guess that's the biggest form of flattery.  But still it's not too cool to steal my entire idea and concept. Either way, they might want to hire me as a writer since they liked my work so much or at least say thank you for the idea."

Emily Maynard is the new Batchlorette and discloses her beauty secret, Obagi!

Emily Maynard has signed on as the star of The Bachelorette! The Southern beauty's season on the show is bound to garner more viewers than any other installment of the ABC franchise, given her immense popularity with fans. Emily Maynard is already known to fans as the stunningly beautiful ex-fiancée of Brad Womack from The Bachelor, and the Daily Mail confirms that she has now agreed to appear in The Bachelorette. One thing is certain: Maynard is going to make the most beautiful bachelorette yet. If you're wondering what some of her beauty secrets are, read on!
Now that she's back in the spotlight, many are wondering about Maynard's beauty secrets. Luckily, she has shared them with The Possessionista. What fans may find hard to believe is that even the seemingly flawless Emily Maynard has beauty concerns! One of them is her sensitive skin. According to the bachelorette, she has "the most sensitive skin in the world." The Possessionista talked to Maynard about her skin care regimen, and she shared the following details: "Seriously, if I even dream about going to bed without washing my face I break out. Every morning I wash with Obagi Gentle cleanser, Obagi C-Exfoliating Day Lotion, and then Elta SPF. At night I wash my face with Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser, Retin-A, and Sothys Revitalizing Serum."

Maynard's hair is the target of much envy from Bachelorette fans. Discussing how she achieves soft waves in her platinum locks, Maynard said, "I go section by section starting at the top and curl it with a curling iron and then clip a velcro roller in it. You roll everything away from your face and put the rollers on the side vertical. I leave them in until I'm ready to walk out the door and then spray with hairspray. My splurge is Aveda, but for everyday I use TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Hairspray."

The Daily Mail reports that Maynard will begin filming The Bachelorette in March. It will be exciting to watch the single mom find love when her season debuts. It will also be fun to see how Maynard's approach to beauty changes for her season on the show.

Ashton Kutcher Makes Idiotic Comment About Penn State Sexual Abuse Scandal , Source Elitedepot.com

For someone so plugged into The Culture, Ashton Kutcher can be remarkably tone-deaf about keeping up with Important Current Events. For instance: he tweeted a misguided, insanely dumb remark about the sacking of Penn State University coach Joe Paterno, who was fired yesterday for turning a blind eye to a child molester on his staff. Said Kutcher (via Uproxx.com): "How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste."

Kutcher -- fending off a torrent of incredulous tweets -- then deleted his post, following up with an apology: "As of immediately I will stop tweeting until I find a way to properly manage this feed. I feel awful about this error. Won't happen again." And this: "As an advocate in the fight against child sexual exploitation, I could not be more remorseful for all involved in the Penn St. case."

In their angered responses to his uninformed Tweet, many of Kutcher's 8-million-plus followers didn't mince words. "Maybe try reading a newspaper or watching the news before making such dumb*** tweets? There's an idea, Einstein.." wrote @jsmith1872. Another, @barrettmarson, was somewhat gentlerwith his language: "What kind of bubble does @aplusklive in that he didn't know of paterno story? #mustbenice."

But it wasn't just the laypeople who got in on the uproar: New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco tweeteda response to Kutcher, saying: "Good luck fending off all the people you've upset with YOUR opinion boss."

Uproxx writer Cajun Boy perhaps put it best, calling foul on Kutcher's explanationthat he was totally unaware of the Penn disaster -- which has been dominating headlines 24-7. "There's simply no way — NO WAY — this guy did not know that Joe Paterno was at the center of sexual abuse scandal," he writes. "This story has been EVERYWHERE and it's been going on for days now, and Kutcher is a pretty big sports fan. If he had access to Twitter, which he obviously did, he would have seen something about it."

San Francisco Bans Restaurant Nudity

San Franciscans who prefer to have their food in the nude are facing opposition. Last Thursday, the ironically named Supervisor Scott Wiener proposed an ordinance on public nudity etiquette that would require nudists dining in restaurants to forgo their naturalist ways and don clothing.

Public nudity is legal in San Francisco as long as the nude individual is not in a state of arousal. But last Thursday's meeting of the Board of Supervisors' Public Safety Committee resulted in a ruling that, if approved by the full Board, will ban practicing nudists from public eateries, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Wiener's proposal also requires those in the buff to place down a towel or barrier of some sort before they sit down on public seating.

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"San Francisco is a liberal and tolerant city, and we pride ourselves on that fact," Supervisor Wiener said in a statement. "Yet, while we have a variety of views about public nudity, we can all agree that when you sit down naked, you should cover the seat, and that you should cover up when you go into a food establishment."

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The hearing did not draw the throngs of nude enthusiasts that the committee expected. Only two individuals showed up to testify and they were for Wiener's proposal. The ban is not thought to be an attempt to outlaw nudity in San Francisco altogether but rather is a simple issue of public health.

What do you think about nudity in restaurants? Should people be allowed to strip down before they chow down? Or should they make like salads and get dressed?

Kim Kardashian: Red Hot at Game Changer Event Source, Elitedepot.com


Whether you like it or not, Kim Kardashian is officially a Game Changer.

Wearing a sexy, tight red mermaid dress that accentuated her biggest assets, the reality TV star was on hand at The Huffington Posts' Game Changers event last night in NYC, where she was honored with an award.

Kim was
reportedlyhonored for being "a unique entrepreneur."

Other stars at the event included Gayle King, Dr. Oz, Bai Ling, LuAnn de Lesseps and Jessica White.

Your Cheating Heart: iPhone App Finds Wife With Another Man, Source EliteDepot.com



Demi Moore -- Wedding Ring Never Looked So Good Source Elitedepot.com

Today, October 18, 2011, 4 hours ago | TMZ Staff

Filed under: Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Ashton & Demi, Gossip / Rumors, Hot Mamas, Beauty

With her wedding ring firmly planted on her hand, Demi Moore, 48, looked red hot at the premiere of her new movie "Margin Call" in NYC last night.

Despite all the divorce rumors, Demi and Ashton Kutcher are still keepin' a ring on it.


'Bachelor' Winner Shayne Lamas -- VERY Pregnant, VERY Naked Source Elitedepot.com

Today, October 18, 2011, 4 hours ago | TMZ Staff

Filed under: Shayne Lamas, Exclusive, Baby Watch, Hot Mamas, Photo Galleries, The Bachelor

Shayne Lamas"Bachelor" winner Shayne Lamas just treated her unborn fetus to its very first NUDE photo shoot ... and TMZ has the pics.

Lamas is weeks away from giving birth to her first child ... fathered by TheDirty.com honcho Nik Richie ... and before she pops, Shayne made sure to capture the beauty of pregnancy in all its stark naked glory.

As TMZ first reported, the couple hasn't announced the sex of the child -- but they've already picked out the name ... Press.

Kelsey Grammer: Camille Thought She Married Frasier Source Elitedepot.com

Today, October 18, 2011, 4 hours ago | TMZ Staff

Filed under: Camille Grammer, Kelsey Grammer, Piers Morgan, TV, Celebrity Divorce

Kelsey Grammer says he thinks Camille Grammer only married him "because I was Frasier" ... and claims she regretted the marriage just DAYS after they tied the knot.

Grammer appeared on "Piers Morgan Tonight" yesterday ... and said, "[Frasier] had this great wonderful life ... he was stylish ... and just a little gay ... Kelsey Grammer is a different story."

But Grammer's smile disappeared when Piers asked about the most hurtful thing Camille has said about him ... and the actor replied, "She once said that I didn't want  my daughter ... that pissed me off."

Moments later, Kelsey changed his mind ... saying, "The thing that she said that hurt me the most ... that hurt Kayte [his new wife] and me ... is that thing about the child we lost ... something about it being karma ... it's just disgusting."
Harry Shearer -- who voices Smithers, Mr. Burns and several other major characters on "The Simpsons" -- says he is willing to take an even BIGGER pay cut than FOX wants him to ... but he has a demand of his own.

Shearer and the rest of the cast have been asked to take a 45% reduction in salary in order for the show to continue. Shearer says he's willing to cut his salary a whopping 70% -- but he wants a percentage of the show's profits ... something he says the cast has been denied for years.

Shearer says his reps approached FOX with the idea ... but were told there are "simply no circumstances under which the network would consider allowing me or any of the actors to share in the show’s success."

Ironically, Mr. Burns would probably have the same answer.

FOX has no comment.


Eminem: Prescription drug Ambien ‘wiped out five years of my life’ Source Elitedepot.com

The 'Recovery' rapper was also 'two hours from dying' after overdosing in 2007

Photo: Photo: Andy Whitton/NME 

Photo Gallery: Eminem
Photo: Andy Whitton/NME

Eminem has spoken out about how the prescription drug Ambien caused him lose huge chunks of his memory.

The rapper also says that the sedative contributed to a four year long stretch of writer’s block. Eminem says that the pills were ‘wiping out brain cells’. He added:

…a lot of my memory is gone. I don't know if you've ever taken Ambien, but it's kind of a memory-eraser. That sh*t wiped out five years of my life. People will tell me stories, and it's like, "I did that?" I saw myself doing this thing on [television network] BET recently, and I was like, "When was that?"

In the interview with Rolling Stone, Eminem said that he kept some of his writing from that period and that: “It creeps me out. Letters all down the page – it was like my hand weighed 400 pounds. I have all that shit in a box in my closet. As a reminder that I don't ever want to go back.”

During the peak of his drug addiction, he revealed that he was taking up to 60 Valium and 30 Vicodin pills a day. In 2007, he overdosed on methadone. “The doctors told me I'd done the equivalent of four bags of heroin,” says Eminem. “They said I was about two hours from dying.”

The ‘Recovery’ artist revealed that Elton John was one of the people who helped him to overcome his addictions. “He usually calls me once a week to check on me, just to make sure I'm on the up-and-up,” says Eminem. “He was actually one of the first people I called when I wanted to get clean.”